n0m.org was originally a simple URL shortener created as a weekend project. It has since evolved into a place for me to give life to a variety of esoteric project ideas that have little to no practical application. It was initially written in CoffeeScript (remember CoffeeScript?), but has since been decaffeinated.

Some of the features available include URL shortening, chat rooms and website hosting (with the ability to generate dynamic content via sandboxed CGI scripts). Every part of this website is designed to function correctly without JavaScript (yes, even the chat rooms!).

According to Google Trends, URL Shortening has decreased in popularity to little more than 25% of what it was when I created this site. Despite that worrying statistic, I'm happy to report that our user base hasn't decreased at all! This may have something to do with that fact that I'm the only one who ever used it...

Either way, here's a big thank you to all of our incredibly loyal and handsome users!

- Ben -

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